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What is the principle of thyristor dimmer? What are the problems in the use process?

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Thyristor dimmer is one of many dimmers in the industry market. I believe everyone knows that the main function of the dimmer is to adjust the light. Of course, it is also used as a switch; The environmental conditions for dimming are different. What is the dimming principle of this device? What are the problems in use? How to solve it
Principle of thyristor dimmer:
Using thyristor dimming can replace LED light dimming. This dimming method is favored by many users in the development of the industry. Because of this, a special control chip suitable for thyristor dimming has emerged. This chip can not only support thyristor dimming, but also have single-stage and primary measurement and control functions.
Problems and solutions of thyristor dimmer dimming:
In the process of use, if the LED lamp wants to realize dimmable, its power supply must be able to detect the variable phase angle output of the equipment, so it will be more convenient to adjust the LED current flow. While maintaining the normal operation of the dimmer, it is undoubtedly very difficult to do this. If it is maintained blindly, performance problems will occur; In case of this problem, it will be shown by flickering or audio noise; Usually, these phenomena are caused by MIS triggering or too early closing of the thyristor, so the user must pay special attention.

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