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A Different from the traditional dimming technology, SCR dimming adopts the phase control method to adjust the voltage and light. This technology has risen in recent years. At present, most dimming systems use silicon controlled rectifier, so it is ver   Read more
A IGBT is an isolatedgatebipolar thyristor. It is a new composite power electronic device that was born in the early 1980s and developed rapidly in the 1990s. IGBT combines the advantages of MOSFET and GTR. It not only has high input impedance, fast sp   Read more
A Thyristor also involves the problem of triode, so many designers can not accurately identify the middle pole of thyristor at the initial stage. In fact, this problem can be solved smoothly as long as the multimeter is used. In this paper, we will int   Read more
A Thyristor dimmer is one of many dimmers in the industry market. I believe everyone knows that the main function of the dimmer is to adjust the light. Of course, it is also used as a switch; The environmental conditions for dimming are different. What   Read more