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Semiconductor device brand enterprise

In 1988,  Wuhan rectifier Research Institute was established, which belonged to the former Wuhan Machinery Industry Committee at that time , was the subordinate enterprises specializing in the research and production of power electronic technology.

In 2009, Wuhan Wuzheng Rectifier Co., Ltd. was established, specializing in the research and development of power electronic components and production.

In 2011, to adapt the opening of the market, Hong Kong Wuzheng Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. was established which laid the foundation for the import and export business of semiconductor components.

In 2013, Zhejiang Duken Electric Co., Ltd. was established, specializing in product sales and export business in the civilian market.

Since then ,Wuhan rectifier has completed the whole line layout of product production, R & D and export to foreign countries.

In 2020, we started the research and development of IGBT modules.

With 50 years of semiconductor research and assembly experence,and  took advantage of Wuhan's unique educational and scientific research environment,  relied on a large number of outstanding talents ,wuzheng did great job to concentrate on product development.

Now,only focusing on our own production . We have established many cooperation stations in the whole world ,especially in United States and India . We develop products together and improve processes to make our products more suitable for the needs of the market.

We believe that we would certainly provide customers with more and more professional power supply solutions when we are together.


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Our certificates

We always adhere to the commitment of quality assurance, through strict quality inspection and functional testing, to ensure that each commodity conforms to international and domestic industry standards. Among all our achievements, we are proud of continuing to create safer, more durable and more reliable products. In the process of sustainable development of the brand, we have obtained standard certificates issued by several certification bodies.
Rectifier diode CE

Rectifier diode CE







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It is commendable that because of the excellent quality of our products and the timeliness of delivery, our customers have a very good evaluation of us, so we have more and more customers. At present, we supply products to customers in many countries, such as Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, India, the United Kingdom, etc

1. Respond quickly to customer needs ,24 hours service.

2. A:Own manufacturing B: own quality control C: Timely delivery D:New model launch yearly.

3. Provide quality quality at a reasonable price.

4. Samples are available free of charge of for confirmation.

5. We can accept any small order.

6. According to your request for your customized labels, packaging, size etc.

7. We can give you all the benefits if you work with us.

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